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Product Details
Product Code: sscl-2

Suitable for: 3 Series (E36).

**Note** Fits Following Models

318i/is (92-95)
325i/is (92-95)

Stainless steel clutch line for improved clutch control


Original clutch line is rubber and can expand under the normal pressure of use. This expansion of the line negatively affects the clutch slave cylinder actuation, and makes for mushy pedal feedback.

UUC's Stainless Clutch Line is used to "performance tune" your clutch control. Inner Teflon® line is covered with woven stainless steel braid that will not expand under pressure.

The advantages include better clutch pedal feedback and superior clutch modulation. Results will be immediate.

Technical features:
•line material fully compliant with DOT standards (MVSS-1006)

•lines burst-tested to 6000psi
(maximum tested pressure from a BMW hydraulic system is 1200psi)

•Teflon® inner line covered with a woven layer of stainless steel
and covered in an abrasion-resistant material (translucent blue plastic covering).

•end pieces perfectly match original BMW design for easy assembly.

Professional installation recommended.
Installer responsible for correct fitting and bleeding procedure as recommended by BMW.
Installer assumes all responsibilities and risks associated with clutch line replacement.

Contact us for your installation needs

Fitting Time: 2.00 hours.
Estimated Installation Cost at CA Workshops : 0.00 
Estimated Volumetric Shipping Weight : 2.00 lbs

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